Thursday, January 8, 2009

The flood is bringing my mojo back!

ETA: New flood pictures from this morning and update!

So I'm pretty sure that the flood is bringing back my mojo because tonight is the first time that I have been able to just stamp without any "mind blocks". Granted, it may be busy for some of you but I love these bright colors together. All stamps used on this card are There She Goes and can be found here.

If you guys don't here from me for a couple days, don't worry I'm okay! The waters have been rising all night and we are now officially in the middle of the Chehalis River lol! Thankfully our house has been raised quite a bit and is the highest house on the block and has yet to have any water in it from previous floods. Check out these pictures I took from my front porch wednesday/today! As of right now the water is about 2 feet high. Wish us luck that we get through this high and dry :)

You can check out this post to see what the view looks like in the spring.


Jessie/knightrone said...

Girl, try to stay safe and dry!! Awesome card...that sentiment cracks me up every time!!

Tracey said...

Stay safe with all that water!! Love your card! Gorgeous!

Jekka said...

Stay safe---you are kinda like Noah in the Ark. Instead of animals though you have airplanes--LOL

Kelli said...

Hey Jessica, this is the only way I could see what was happening in town... OMG I just heard the airport levy broke...I cant get down Hwy 6 orI'd come and swim with you, looks like I get 2 extra days off too! WAHOOO we are safe and dry at my house too.... Take care!

Sprytebyrd said...

WoW! What part of WA are you in? My Dad lives in Roy and he was telling me they evacuated the Orting Valley yesterday! I hope you are all ok!! I'm on the eastern side of the mountains, we dried up pretty quick after the snow, but we haven't had nearly as much rain as you!! Good Luck!
(Ironically - the word verification I have to do to post this comment is moistoge!! Moist... nice!)

Diane said...

OMG, Jessica. Those flood waters are unbelievable. We went through horrible floods this past fall. We were OK, but so many lost belongings. Hope your house is OK. My thoughts are with you and your "neighbors" in WA. Oh, I love your card! I need to get that verse! :-)