Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been working on my card for the sketch challenge all morning and it still isn't coming together like I want. So I decided to share with you two scrapbook pages that I completed yesterday. I'm still working on my scrapbooking "style" which isn't all that common. I like to make my pages more card like than traditional scrapbook pages. Does that make any sense lol? One of my favorite things to do is find a card that inspires me in the SCS gallery and kind of case it into a scrapbook page.

The following page was inspired by this card by cincimom

And here is my page

The next scrapbook page was inspired by this beautiful card by my friend Wendy (SCS Gallery & Blog)

And here is my other page

If you would like to see some more scrapbook pages that I have completed, there is a link to my iSCRAP gallery off to the left hand side of my blog.


KOstvig said...

cute pages, I need to use more cards for inspiration...heck I need to scrap more...LOL great Blog

Anonymous said...

Jess what a wonderful idea..I like the cross over from cards to is brilliant...I think you have found your style..great job...Debbie :)