Friday, June 13, 2008

Dollar Find Friday (rhinestone hat)

When I was in Michaels the other day I came across these adorable hats (my daughter calls them "Bindi the jungle girl" hats) as well as some iron on bling. Each of these were only $1!

Iron on rhinestones

Step 1- I tried to iron the hat first to remove some of the wrinkles. Not too sure I did that great of a job lol!

Step 2- Peel the plastic off of the cloth like backing. The rhinestones will stick to the plastic.

Step 3- Gently iron the rhinestones (iron on top of the plastic) on a dry wool setting for about 15 seconds.

Step 4- Iron the inside of the hat for about 3 seconds. You don't want to get the adhesive too hot or it will melt.

Step 5- Let the hat cool down for a few minutes and then gently peel off the plastic.

Finished! Don't let the sweet face fool you, she's trouble :)


I wanted to share this picture of all of the neighborhood kids sitting on our neighbor's porch eating twinkies and hoho's yesterday. Can you believe that half of those kids are mine lol?!


scruggle said...

I love your Dollar Find Friday Idea!! Very creative!! I will be checking back often now that I found it!!

Anonymous said...

Jess great dollar find ROCK!!! I do so love the picture of your girls with the neighbor kids..oh to be a kid in the summer again what fun!!!

Your Friend, Debbie