Thursday, August 7, 2008


As most of you know, I am in the process of starting my own stamp company. But I need your help!


I want you guys to help me come up with a name!

I would like something unique and elegant. The

person that comes up with a name that I choose

will win two stamp sets of their choice when I

start up my website (which shouldn't be very far from now).

All of the stamp sets that I have designed so far turned

out awesome and I know that you won't be disappointed!

I will be running this contest for two days, so get your ideas into me ASAP. I will announce the winner on Saturday.


Jess said...

Ok, I've got a couple ideas:

Innovations Stamps
Inspirations Stamps
Chic Boutique
Exquisite Expressions

those are my ideas for today... I'll keep thinking!

Good luck!

Doris said...

Since I've always thought of the name "Jessica" as being elegant, how about "Studio Jessica" as your company name???? Looking forward to seeing what you've designed!

Linda Yama said...

The Art of Impression

Sara (sarashep on SCS) said...

Elegant Impressions?

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Stampin' Street

Anonymous said...

i haven't checked to see if these have been used already:

Stamps R Us!

Got INK?

Artful Impressions

good luck with your stamps!!


Christine M said...

All I can think of that is The Pink Parlor.

Diane said...

I would go with~Simply Jessica~ or Jessies Girls (after your girls of course)...grat stamps, I keep trying to get my son to do this as he has such a flair for design...maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

Got a couple more for might to research to see if there are any blogs/or company's w/ these names already:

Stamps Happen

I came, I saw, I stamped!!

Me & My Stamps.

Hope those help you come up with a cool name!!


kat said...

I'm so excited for you! How about Jessica's Designs,Jessie's Designs or 'Stamps 4U' idea that sounds friendly and down-home is Everyday Designs or Stamps You'll Love to Use.

Theresa said...

I wasn't feeling very creative, but I came up with...

Stamp Out Loud


Good luck with your new stamp company and put me on the notification list when you release, please. cashcrafters(at)

Lastel said...

Hmmm , how about Ditty-Doo Design Stamps ?
Or maybe JK'S Creative Designs . If I think of more I will post again .

Susan said...

My suggestion for a name is "Easy Elegance" or "Elegant Couture". Good Luck with finding a name.

karla said...

okay, I'm not very good at this sort of thing but I will give it a go.... three angels (after your lovely daughters!!)

#2....stamp for fun

#3...stampaholic creations

#4...stamps r us

#5...the stampin' studio

That's all for now, maybe I will be more creative later on....good luck.

Lorraine said...

I was thinking of Do-Wah-Diddy stamps but you wanted something unique and elegant so how about these:

Uncommon Elegance
Ornately Uncommon Stamps
Uniquities Stamps

Whatever you chose - good luck!

Cyndi said...

How exciting for you! Ok, I have few:

Attractive Art
Pretty Impressions
Classy Creations
Dapper Designs
Distinctive Designs
Distinctive Impressions
Distinctive Ink Stamps
Exquisite Ink Studio, Stains or Spots
Fashionable Stamps
Fashionable Impressions
Fine Designs
Grand Designs
Nonesuch As These Stamps or Designs
Posh Impressions
Refined Inspirations
Stylish Stamps
Sumptuous Stamps
Swanky Stamps
Uncommon Impressions
Urbane Images
Urbane Art

Phew! Once I got going I just couldn't stop! Of course you could add the words studio, haven, or by Jessie to the end of most of them.

I read somewhere that you should always try to use your name in the name of your company if you are using your designs so that people will associate them with you.

Best of luck in your new venture!


sandyh50 said...

Ok, how about "JK Treasures and More", "JK Stamping Treasures", "JK Stamping Designs", "JK Innovative Designs"

I like having your initials in the name.

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

athleticsecretary said...

How about:
Jessica's Joys
Oodles of Doodles
Extremely Expressive
Elegantly Inked

Good luck! Peg

Anonymous said...

hhhmmmm, this is always so hard!

A Stamping We Will Go
For The Love of Stamps
Stamp Me

Cathy I. said...

You'll probably think I'm a total oddball, but the first thing that came to mind was....
Knuts for Stamps!!!

Get it?! Yes, I'm a dork!!!
Good luck in your search!

Brenda said...

I like Jessie's Stamps, Jessica Stamps, Ink 'em up, I wish I could come up with some more but right now I can't think of anymore. Good Luck!

Lisa_in_AR said...

First Impressions
Lasting Impressions
Inkspired Impressions

Anonymous said...

How about JESS'S JEWELS since everything you create is such a treasure. Best of luck to you Jess you will do well I will keep you in my prayers.

Debbie/Tawanda Lives

Dawn Mercedes said...

How about "Clean Cut stamps" since your images are so crisp and clean. Or "clear cut stamps" since they are acrylic.

Nonpareil Knutsen (provided that your pronounce your name with a silent K)

Or Knutsen's Notions...haha.

But if you do say your name with the K, the use a different adjective! One that starts with a "k."

kat said...

Let me add one more:
Irresistible Impressions by Jess [Jessica, Jessie]

Good Luck choosing one name; there's so many great ideas for you to choose from. Mine, of course, is the best!!

Dawn said...

Vanity Box Stamps

I don't know why... it sounds cool tho'!