Friday, August 15, 2008

Dollar Find Friday (puppy frame) & sneak peek!

Today's project is a super quick and easy one. With all the stuff that I've had going on lately quick and simple is just what I need!

Photo frame ($1 at Dollar Tree)
Stamps (I chose designs by DRS Designs for this project)

Step 1: Take apart frame
Step 2: Decorate mat
Step 3: Stamp sentiment to fit in middle of frame. Find pictures to fit also.

Step 4: Put all the pieces together and you have this adorable pet frame!

Here is another sneak peek!!

Isn't this set too cute? I love this little house, and think of all the things you could do with it! The name of this set is "Home is where the heart is".

Do you like it?


Holly aka Toy said...

Oh, *GEEK*!! I am loving your sets!! You can definitely count on me to be a customer, Jessica!

And when you need a design team..... :)

Congrats and I hope you do very very well!!

Peace and blessings,

Barb Nelson said...

Jess - your sets are FABULOUS!! I know you said we have to wait until Sept 1, but are you sure you can't let us at them a little quicker????

Heather Lee-Reppen said...

Cute frame and cute stamp set!

Jen said...

Love the frame, cute pups!

Giovana said...

Another pretty set Jessica.

God bless

Cathy I. said...

Great project!!!

Chrystal said...

Just passing along the Brillant Weblog Award to you - directions at . =)

kat said...

Another great set of stamps! And I love the little set of cobble stones; perfect! Great Friday Frame project, too; you sure come up with great ideas.

~amy~ said...

Really lovin' your sets....

Anonymous said...

Love the frame!! Thanks for the idea! Running to dollar tree tomorrow! lol

Your stamp sets are great!!! Think I found a new company to love!

Good luck!

melissa g

Sandy O said...

I love your project! Your pups are just adorable. I also really like your images. Congradulations on starting your own stamp line! I will surely be ordering :)