Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flood season is here!!

We have had a bunch of rain over the last couple of weeks and it looks like flood season is coming a little early this year! I know that it sounds a little crazy but this is such an exciting time for me. There is just something totally amazing watching the river transform so drastically in such a short amount of time! And I can't even describe what it's like being in the middle of a river when the flood actually hits. Our house is raised pretty high so we don't have to worry about water getting into our house so we just get to 'enjoy' being on our own private island. You can check out pictures I posted from last year's flood here if you would like.

This first picture is looking off of our front deck. You can see the river in the background (it curves toward than away from us). We have this big ditch type thing in front of the river that is called the slough (sp??) that fills with water that spills over the banks of the river at the end of the road on our street.
Here is a picture showing our front steps so you can see how close we are. I took this picture around 8:15 AM. It's about 9:00 AM right now and do you see those fence posts in the water?? All of those are completely covered right now!

This is the end of the road on our street that goes out to a field where my neighbors grow alfalfa in the summer. You can see where the water is flowing over the bank across the road and into the slough.
If you walk about 15 feet to the right this is what the river bank looks like! It's still about 6 feet from the top but that's not much.
According to the weather people, we aren't supposed to hit flood stage until 10 PM Thursday night but I think I will go and get my grocery shopping done today just in case ;)


Tricia said...

What fun pictures! I'm glad you don't need to worry about water in the house. BTW I went back to your last flood pictures and I just LOVE that card!! :-)

Viv said...

WOW!!! I LOVE nature when she's all dramatic! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us Jessica.
Viv xx