Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Inspire Me

Sorry for being so quiet lately! I was sick all weekend and even Monday so I spent a majority of those three days sleeping. Then on Tuesday Kylie and I went up to Seattle Children's Hospital for her LAST infusion! Wahoo!!! We even go our own room :) Well, not because it was her last infusion but because they had to put us in isolation just in case my cold was still contagious lol! Oh well, we were comfortable for those 6 hours ;)

When Kylie was first diagnosed for her JDM resulting in being admitted to Children's for three days, I bought her a necklace at the wonderful gift shop there. It has become a tradition that we purchase a new charm for her necklace every time she has an appointment to add to her necklace. While we were picking out her newest addition, she came across this pretty pink umbrella that she wanted. I figured, what the heck, after all she has been through- she deserves it ;)

When we got home, it was still light enough to post for some pictures in the back yard with her new umbrella and it gave me the perfect chance to try something I've been thinking about for a couple of weeks now.

Here is the picture I created of Kylie taken on the same day of her last infusion. Whew, it sure feels good to say that!

And here is the Stampbook page that I made featuring it. This also was made for this week's TSG Inspiration challenge. I chose to create a sketch using the image then flipped it to accommodate my picture. I will have to post the sketch for you next time so you believe me ;)


Alina said...

It's such a good news to hear that your girl had the last infusion! Happy for you girls! Love the project and the picture is soo cute!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Glad you are feeling better! This is lovely! I am SO HAPPY Kylie is DONE with her infusions - WOO HOO!! Lovely pic and scrapbook page. It looks like a lot of the prednisone weight has already fallen off of her too, she must be so relieved. Has she tried the Lightly Salted Lay's Chips yet? They are my fave. So happy for you, Kylie and Matt too!

Katie Skiff said...

That is beautiful... great job Jessica!
Go Kylie, I am so happy that she is done with those, and can hopefully get back to *normal* if that is possible. :D
Loving that she's in a skirt and gree grass.. wishing I was coming over there this weekend!!

Anita said...

This is stunning!! I hope you enjoy your weekend. Glad the cold has left.

Jessie/knightrone said...

Woman...why you gotta make me cry??!! This is gorgeous! You two are both so strong!!!

Gabby said...

Lovely page ... I can see a lot of love went into it! :)