Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Kylie! & an update

Eight years ago today, a beautiful (and oppinionated lol!) baby graced our lives and made Matt and I parents. This has been a tough year for Kylie but she has taken everything with an amazing strength and determination that I am so very proud of!

On Tuesday Kylie had a follow up appointment for her eyes where we discovered that she now has cataracts forming because of the Prednisone she is one. As of right now they aren't interfering with her vision and since we are still working on tapering her off of the Prednisone, our hope is that they won't grow in size (if they did grow, we would have to start talking about surgery). We have another appointment in 3 months so that we can keep an eye on this issue. (Get it? Eye?? LOL! Hey, if you can't find the humor in these things, you will go crazy. Trust me ;)

Wednesday was her monthly check up at Seattle Children's Hospital and I am happy to say that everything is looking great and her blood tests came back awesome!! Kylie also had to get xrays of her ankles done because they have been a bit sore lately. Because of the Prednisone she is on, there is a possibility of her bones becoming more fragile so we have to be a lot more careful than we have been in the past. The results of the xray looked good too so for right now we just keep on, keepin' on :)

After we were done at Children's, my best friend took Kylie shopping for her birthday and bought her a new outfit. Here is Kylie rocking it for her 8 year old photoshoot we did in our back yard.

Happy birthday to one of the bravest and strongest girls I know, we love you so much!!!


Laurel said...

What a beautiful little girl! Best of luck to her.

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Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

I totally want to cry right now! Happy Birthday Kylie! Jess...she is SO incredibly beautiful and what a tough cookie she is...I bet she gets that from her mama!!! She looks GORGEOUS in her new the pose!!!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

She is beautiful!! Happy Birthday to Kylie and I'm glad her tests came back OK. This is the first I'm reading about your little girl. She's beautiful!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Kylie! What a sweetheart! Glad to hear she is doing better! She looks adorable in those pics. Thanks for sharing, Jess!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Hope Kylie's birthday was as wonderful as she is. :)
PS - Your BEAUTIFUL card arrived!! THANK YOU!! I LOVE IT!! :D