Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Sparkles

I wanted to pop in to show you guys a project that I did yesterday. This is the first wreath I have ever made and I love how it turned out! My husband however, is not thrilled that I managed to get glitter everywhere in just about every room in our house lol!

I knew that I wanted a pink and silver wreath but I couldn't find one so I decided that I would just make one instead. Here is how I made it-

Wreath: $2

Silver sparkly-circle-branch-things: 5 @ $1 ea.
Silver bells (pack of 9): $1
Sparkle Poinsettia flowers (set of two): $1
Silver bunch of holly leaves: $1

I couldn't find any sparkly pink decorations so I decided to improvise and make my own. This is where the mess began ;)

*First I took my pack of bells I picked up at Dollar Tree and sprayed them each with spray adhesive (LOVE that stuff!!) and then lightly sprayed acrylic sealer over it to kind of set the glitter to keep it from coming off.

*I then took the bunch of holly leaves and cut the leaves off the branch thing they came on and giving them the same glitter treatment.

*While I was waiting for those to dry, I dipped the tips of some of the wreath 'branches' in Aleen's glue and then dipped them in pretty white glitter.

*Then I ate dinner while I waited for that to dry ;)

*Had Matt put the girls to bed so I could keep working lol!

*Added my sparkly-silver-circle-branch-things by using twist ties (that actually were used to secure them to the packaging they came on) to secure them to the wreath frame.

*Did the same with the poinsettia flowers

*Tied the bells onto the wreath branches with the silver string that came with them

*Used green embroidery thread to tie onto the end of the leaves and then tied them onto the wreath branches as well.
Sigh..... now Matt is insisting that I go clean up the glitter. This is gonna take all week......

But it was worth it ;) I learned that spray adhesive and glitter is SO much fun lol!


Crafty Math Chick said...

SUPER sparkly (which I LOVE!) and pretty! LOVELY job Jessica. I bet all of your neighbors want to know where you bought it so they can buy one too, LOL!

KimCreate said...

Very beautiful! I love it. I also have a new set of glitter that I am getting all over the place!! hehe.

Anita said...

Tell Matt that the extra glitter is just extra sparkle for the holidays. LOL! I love it. Great job!

Gail said...

Love the wreath!!! You did an awesome job. Makes me want to go make one now.....wish I had the time...I have the wreath and of course I have GLITTER!!! LOL