Friday, April 10, 2009

Dollar Find Friday (Becky-Easter Bucket)

Today's Dollar Find Friday project is brought to you by Becky. She has made such a cute Easter bucket full of yummy treats! You can check out the full tutorial on her blog :)

I am so completely exhausted! Matt and I were up way to late painting the living room. But I have to tell you, I completely in love with it now :) We live in a very old house (we're talking about 100 years old-old) and I'm pretty sure the last time and "updates" were made was in the 60's lol! So needless to say, we've been doing lots of work since we moved in. We painted the walls a pretty grayish Mellow Moss and it looks great. I will have to post some pictures when it is all completed. We are hoping to have it done in time for Kylie's party on Saturday, wish us luck!
Thank you all for wishing Kylie a happy birthday! She has been requesting that we go to a Mexican restaurant for her birthday for weeks so that is where we went for her birthday dinner. I'm pretty sure that she just wanted to go there so that they would sing her happy birthday and let her wear the cool sombrero. But she really enjoyed it :) Man, I can't believe she is six already.
Remember yesterday's post when I was telling you guys about how much of a daddy's girl Kylie is? Check out this outfit that her grampa and Nina (my dad and step mom) got for her- *Don't mind the walls in the background, this was before we painted*
How freaking cute is that? She has a full hunting/fishing outfit! I'm not sure who was more excited about it, Kylie or Matt ;)! She now is the proud (can't you tell by the look on her face??) owner of her very own camo pants, "work" coat and fishing vest. Oh, and don't forget about her camo hat with a touch of lace LOL! Now we just need to get her a new pair of Romeos and she'll be all set for fishing season....

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I wish you all a Happy Easter!


Connie said...

Such an adorable basket, Jessica, and the picture of your girl is soooo cute!!

Christi said...

What a cute Easter basket and I LOVE that pic of Kylie!! Too stinkin' cute! Now doubt she's a daddys girl! *wink*