Friday, October 3, 2008

Some good news for all of you!

With all of the uncertainty of this economy, I'm sure a lot of you are like me and pinching pennies where ever possible. What makes it even worse is when it starts to interfere with our crafting ;). I have been doing a lot of thinking and have decided to REDUCE my stamp set prices - PERMENTANLY!! I hope that this will help those of you that are on a budget still get to enjoy a new stamp set every once in a while. Here is the price break down-

Sets that were $24 are now only $17!

Sets that were $15 are now only $10!

But wait, that's not all! I have cut the price of Spooky Silhouettes in HALF. That's right, it is now only $10! For a 6x8 set!

So, what do you guys think of these new prices??? Sound do-able? ;)


And now for the winners of the Limited edition stamp sets-

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Timestamp: 2008-10-03 05:02:49 UTC

Comment #2 was Tammy
Comment #24 was Kelli

Congratulations you guys! Email me your info and I will get that out to you immediately!

I loved reading each and every one of your comments! I would have to say that Candy Corn won the "favorite candy" by a landslide! I think that my favorite Halloween candy (or any holiday for that matter!) would have to be those Reese's Peanut Butter shapes that they come out with that are seasonal. I don't know why, but for some reason those just taste even better than the regular ones. Maybe cause they are even worse for you???? LOL!

And I loved hearing about how many of you were hobos, that cracked me up! I think that my girls might have a new costume this year ;) They have been princesses, ballerinas and witches waaaay to much. It's time to give them some variety hee hee...

As for me, I would have to say that my most memorable (not necessarily favorite) costume as a child was when my mom procrastinated on my Halloween costume and I ended up going as a ghost. Again. ;) My costume was a white hooded sweatshirt that was too big for me, white tights and blue make up around my eyes and mouth. The pictures are priceless....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget to check out my post on the DRS Designs Blog HERE as well as come back for the Week In Review on Sunday! You definitely won't want to miss out on the fabulous cards that my DT members have come up with.....


Anonymous said...

Jess you are such a total crack up. I love this picture it really makes me smile only because when we were growing up you did not necessarily have a purchased costume. We had to find things around the house to use which is the reason for so many hobos. Thanks for sharing that picture.
As for your prices I am jumping up and down because I wanted your Hallowen set but could not justify spending $20 on a seasonal set. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful and generous justure it is just another reason I love you. Keep up the good work kiddo :).

Debbie/Phx AZ

Chrystal said...

What a great deal for your stamp sets! It is hard with the uncertain economy and sometimes hobbies take a back burner, but you can't turn down this great deal! LOVE the Halloween silhouettes. I've never been much of a Halloween person but I might just have to change that! =)