Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Release and Featured Stamper winner!

This blog candy is now closed!

* I have changed the price for the card Bins back to 3 for $5. I am so sorry for all of the confusion and appreciate you all having patience with me!!! When you order these bins, please choose Priority Mail.*

Today is the day that you can finally get your hands on the new Spooktacular Silhouettes set as well as the new Card bins!

Spooktacular Silhouettes
* 6"x8"
* Set of 16 stamps

Card Bins
* 9 inches long
* 6 1/4 inches wide
* 4 1/2 inches high
* Can fit 50+ cards
* Alterable
* 3 for $5


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Customer number 34 was RHODA NICHOLSON. Congrats Rhoda, I will be in contact with you soon!


And to celebrate this month's release my current DT members and I are doing a blog candy give away with two winners each! You have the chance to win a limited edition stamp set from There She Goes!

For the chance to win on my blog, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Halloween candy is as well as what your favorite costume as a child.

I will be choosing two winners on Friday using a random number generator. One comment per person please!

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Good luck everyone!


Tandra said...

Why...Candy Corn of course!!!!
That stick-to-your-teeth goodness takes me right back to childhood!!!
First stuff I reach for!

And my fave Halloween costume as a child- dressing up in my Moms OLD trunk stuff as a Hobo!!- I still wish I had my FAVORITE Tulle petticioat of hers(is that what its called?)I think there is another name for the tulle underskirt, but its stuck on my tongue and wont come off! LOL

Anyways, I LOVE your Halloween stamp set, and thanks for the chance to win one!!

Tammy said...

My favorite costume as a kid was the panda costume my mom made for me in the 1st grade.

Lisa said...

Favorite candy is candy corn. Still is! And I don't have a favorite costume. I've never been trick or treating!

~Chris~ said...

What a great Blog Candy, My fav Halloween Candy is Candy Corn. There are sooo yummy and bad for you.. Fav Costume as a Child.. Have to say when my Mom dressed all 3 of us up as Indians.. Loved my long shiny Hair..
Thanks for the Chance to win!

Angel said...

supah cool new set, jessica! fave candy is peanut m&m's and fave costume princess.

Heather Lee-Reppen said...

The new Halloween set is super cute!
My favorite Halloween candy are those peanut butter taffy like candy that come in the orange and black wrappers. As a kid I was always a witch.

ladyb266 said...

Well my favorite Halloween candy has always been the mini size of the snickers!!! And as for my fave Halloween costume when I was a kid was just being a Princess!!! ~Heidi

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Favorite candy would be all of the Reese's candy that makes it into the kids' bags!!! My favorite costume as a child was a hobo...I put vaseline on my face and then coffee grounds and it looked like a beard!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess congrats on your new release. I love it and especially the tree which I think can be used any time.
My favorite Halloween candy is Snickers (I also love the caramel apples that come out in the fall...he he).
My favorite Halloween costume as a kid was a Bunny when I was 2 years old. I guess the story goes I fell and got a black eye a few days before Halloween. Everyone thought my Mom had painted a black eye on me...duh why would a Bunny have a black eye..maybe they thought I was a Boxing Bunny...he he.
Keep up the good work with your sets Jess I can not wait to see what holiday sets you have for us.

Love Ya,

Debbie/Phx AZ

Julie said...

Great set! I love candy in general, but if I had to pick a favorite Halloween Candy it would have to be candy corn (or those little pumpkins that kinda taste like candy corn). Now the only costume I can remember wearing that I liked was a couch potatoe outfit, and my sister was a raisinette. :)

Lyndsay said...

Hi! Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite candy is Tootsie Rolls (oh, I get excited just thinking about them). My favorite costume as a child was a witch. My mom made the dress and it was too long. I tripped all the way down the street when I was trick or treating. Fortunately I was young enough that it didn't hurt when I fell. Memorable and funny!

Janna said...

I just discovered these stamps and absolutely love the images. I would have to say my favorite candy is those candy pumpkins. I know they taste like candy corn, but for some reason they are different to me.

My favorite costume as a kid was when I dressed up as Dolly Parton. I just loved to wear that blonde wig and cowboy boots.

Thanks for the chance

Jennifer said...

My favorite candy is Reeses Mini Peanut Butter cups, especially ones that are stored in the fridge to be eaten cold! My favorite costume was Casper the Ghost.

Mandy said...

Candy corn is my favorite candy by a landslide. As for my favorite costume as a child was the bride costume my mom made for me. She dressed me up as the bride and my brother as a HOBO groom. The pictures are priceless! - Mandy

Brenda said...

Great stamps! My favorite candy is Reese Peanut Butter cups. My favorite costume as a kid was a witch. Thanks for the chance to win some spooky treats!!

Marisa said...

Not a huge candy fan - prefer salty - but I do love peanuts so Snickers, Oh Henry and Peanut Butter cups would make the list.

Favorite outfit as a child was a gypsy. Could wear lots of layers to stay warm and still look like a gypsy :)

Thanks for the chance to win.

tipo said...


I heard about your stamps from Maki.
I love your beautiful your stamps very much.
If I can't win, I will buy them.
(of course, I will buy some stamps.)

Anyway, My favorite candy is "Chelsea"(Japanese candy but it's scotish taste candy.)

Thanks you, Jessica!


Alyssa said...

I love a miniature Snickers bar - all the flavor, less guilt! I was so proud of myself in my little plastic Smurfette costume with matching plastic dress - gotta love the 80's!!

Anonymous said...

Candy Corn....the kind with the brown end(chocolate)and Reese's PnUt butter cups!
My fav costume had to be when i dressed up as an Old Man. The neighbors invited us in for Steak and Wine... and I was just a kid!

KOstvig said...

My favorite cndy as a kid was a slowpoke...I dressed up withmy sister as raggedy ann and Raggedy Andy..I was andy of course I won a contest so yeah that was my favorite..Lov ethe silhouettes for halloween so cute...

jana said...

Jess~ Great contest!GREAT stamps!
Favorite Halloween Candy:the small Sweet Tarts packages
Favorite Costume: being a Siamese Twin with my best friend...we worked really hard for our candy that night!
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Chrystal said...

LOVE the new halloween set!
Favorite candy as a kid was candy apples. And my fav costume was an inspector gadget (that came complete with mask) one I had when I was 4. I can still remember being in pre-school and having the teachers have to take my mask off to figure out what ankle-biter was behind the mask. =)

kat said...

Candy corn! It's so sweet & chewy,, who wouldn't love it! My favorite costume was an indian costume my Mom made for me when I was in the fourth grade; it was made from burlap and I had black yarn pigtails. My older sister had one, too! Don't know why I loved it the best, but I did.

Kelli said...

Hey Jessica! It's About time I get to see those Halloween stamps you teased about.... Drop me a line, I dont work until 430 tomorrow then for 5 days... I think I have a day off coming up. We'll do SBux....

Cal said...

My favorite candy for Halloween has always been candy corn. I love those things and I savor every one. I MUST eat each color seperate from the rest. I know I am an odd bird. OK, don;t laugh at my costume, but I am from the 80's and I have very super curly hair, so guess who had a little red dress and a puppy and got to be Little Orphan Annie, right after the movie came out, ME! I have pictures of this Halloween and while they are quite embarassing, they are funny. Thanks for the chance to win your adorable set.

Allison said...

My favourite Halloween candy is Peanut butter cups! I think I'm one of the few it seems who doesn't like candy corn!

My favourite costume as a kid was a penguin costume that my older sister wore too! They were so cute especially cause we were matching!

Pammila said...

Mini Box(s) of SMARTIES! MMMMMMmmmm. Colourful, Chocolaty, Canadian Candy that melts in your mouth AND in you hands!!! *singing in my head now...* "When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last?"
...and my favorite costume as a kid? Prince Charming. Somehow, my best friend Tina always got to be the gal... I was always the guy *LOL*

Lastel said...

Favorite Halloween candy is bite size Butterfingers ! My favorite candy overall is Dove dark chocolate !

WandaG_CT said...

Great new stamp. Favorite Halloween candy, peanut butter taffy. Would love to dress up as a hobo along with my brothers as a kid. Thanks for the chance to win.

Stampin Cats said...

My favorite candy is anything chocoalte. My favorite costume was when I dressed as a hippy with long braids, a headband and a leather vest with fringe all around it.

mochamama said...

hhhhmmmm, favorite Halloween candy would be candy corn. We didn't have alot growing up as small kids so our costumes were thrown together by whatever my mom could scrape up....face makeup, old clothes, etc. When I got old enough to throw my own costumes together (age 11) I dressed up as a psychodelic witch...purple hair, funky purple clothes and my mom of course had the makeup down to a science!

Lori A. said...

Awesome! I hope the money fairy drops by my house soon! :)
My favorite candy has always been Snickers. It has a little bit of everything. As for my favorite costume when I was a child, Wonder Woman! My mom made it for me and it was so cool.

Cheryl said...

I like candy corn mixed with planter's dry roasted peanuts. Tastes a lot like a Payday candy bar.

My favorite Halloween costume was the witch costume that my mom made when I was in Kindergarten--I wore it for many years. My oldest dd wore it for preschool and Kindergarten. I completely forgot about it this year until after we bought my youngest her costume (which is a witch too) and she won't let me take hers back. I guess she will wear my costume next year.

ladyb266 said...

My fave candy to get was the mini Kit Kat bars!!!!! And my fave costume was always a Princess!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

DebbyG said...

My favorite candy is the Halloween mix - I especially like the yellow ears of corn, pumpkins, and best of all the maple leaves!

My favorite costume was a geisha girl. My father brought back a kimono from when he was stationed in Japan. The silk and rich colors I liked even as a child.

Bunny B said...

I love Candy Corn and being a Fairy Princess! :)

JenMarie said...

Let's see....anything chocolate! LOL! I've been craving Reeses cups lately.

Costume, I always loved to dress up as a ballerina.

Beth M said...

Love the new halloween set!

My favorite halloween candy is candy corn and my favorite childhood costume was the indian princess costume my mom sewed for me.

Thanks for the chance to win!

milkshake007 said...

my favorite candy has to be mounds and almond kids always make sure they share with me....such good children.
i loved my little lamb chops costume.....adorable.
thanks for a chance to win!

Kathy said...

Thanks for giving us a chance to win! My favorite candy is candy corn. I love the ones with the chocolate on them. My favorite costume was being a princess! I loved getting all dressed up.

Jackie said...

Halloween Ghost Peeps! I don't remember too many of my costumes when I was little but I'm sure I was a cat at least once and that would have been my favorite, I love kitties.

Tammy said...

By far my favorite is Candy Corn. Now not that harvest blend they have out there but the good old fashion Orange, White and Yellow Candy Corn! Wow it's so good!
Tammy Max

mitzikoons said...

I love candy corn! I love to fill up those big glass pumpkins full of it - and then empty it :o) My favorite costume as a child was the year I went as Darth Vader. I thought I was so cool to make that "noise" when I breathed through the

I think your stamps are gorgeous! Love the fresh new feel of the designs.

Beate said...

that card bin looks great. I might have to get one and alter it. LOVE the new set. I will have to break down and buy non SU. Yikes.
We didn't have Halloween in Germany. It is over there now, but not when I was young.
My favorite candy is Riesen Chewing candy. Hmmmmmmm

Marji said...

Easy peasy- my favorite candy hands down is reese's peanut butter cups- all occasions and all holidays. Does it get any better than chocolate and peanut butter? YUM-O!
My favorite costume when I was little was a costume my mom handmade. It was a little indian girl costume and I loved it and wore it all the time! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

Claire said...

hmmmmmmmm favorite halloween candy would be the sticky caramel corn with nuts yummy!

My favorite costume as a child would be dressing up as a punk rocker with all these mardigras beads and using egg to mohawk my hair straight up wich made me about 5 1/2 feet tall when I was on ly maybe if I was pushing it 3 ' 10 :)

Steph said...

My mom made my sister and I matching clown costumes one year. I thought it was horrible at the time, but now I love it. My favorite candy is Snickers.

Jamie Martin said...

My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. When I was a kid I would have a tea party (with myself) and cut the candy corn into three sections, white, yellow and orange I don't know why I did that but it was fun. My favorite costume was a gypsie.

Shannon Roberts said...

Of course I was a witch I can't tell you how many years in a row!! But my all time favorite was WONDER WOMAN !! And my favorite candy was tootsie rolls, yummmy !! Thank you for this fun opportunity!!

maiahs_momma said...

LOVE the candy apples, and my favorite childhood haloween costume would have to be a cat that my mom made me. Thank you so much for this chance to win some great blog candy :)!


Cheryl Horton / Inspire Me said...

My favorite halloween candy is the peanut butter taffy that comes wrapped in black and my favorite costume was a gyspsy costume. So many fun scarfs and a long skirt I thought I was the coolest thing! I am just loving your stamps and can't wait to get my hands on those card boxes. You'll be seeing my order shortly. Thanks cheryl

kadie labadie said...

Without a doubt-my favorite Halloween Candy is CANDY CORN-is there anything other than Candy Corn. And my favorite costume as a child was when I dressed up as a Princess......we were really poor and where my mom came up with the things to dress me like a princess is beyond me....but VERY much is embedded in my memory. (Thanks Mom!)

Appreciate this blog candy and thanks for this opportunity to play. Kadie

crystal said...

I love the black and orange candies, and my favorite costume had to be rainbow

scrapping4twins said...

My favorite candy that you can only get at Halloween is Vanilla tootsie rolls! Love them! My favorite costume for my kids has been a "little mermaid" that I hand made them (their twins) when there were just 4!

Char in So Cal said...

My FAVE halloween candy is candy corns of course!! LOL But when I am sneaking through my kids candy stash I eat whatever they get that is made of chocolate!

My FAVE halloween costume was probably the M&M costume... each kid was a different color M&M... so cute and SUPER YUMMY!! LOL

Thanks for the adorable blog candy op!

Char in So Cal

Becky said...

My favorite candy was sweet tarts, and because we grew up poor we made are own costume, mine was a mummy.

athleticsecretary said...

Love your Halloween stamps!! My favorite candy was candy kisses (peanut buttery taffy) in the orange & black wrappers and my favorite costume was of an old woman complete w/hairnet and black shawl.

karoin said...

Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

kaorin said...

Thanks for giving us a chance to win! My favorite candy is chocolate candy.

Cathy said...

My favorite costume is of course a witch, there is all kinds of witches out there. I always wanted to be dressed like a witch.

Cathy said...

I like candy corn and m&M candy the best at halloween. I remember when my mom made me a witch outfit for my 2nd grade school dress up. It was awesome and have liked witches ever since.

starbuckseal said...

Fun blog candy opportunity! Thanks!
My favorite halloween candy is little Reeses PB cups! mmmm. Probably my favorite costume was a greasy ole car mechanic. Those were fun years. :)

RhondaG -the stampin' bunny said...

I love Strawberry Cream Chocolate Hearts from Russell Stover....they have different shapes throughout the year they were moons, but I haven't seen them yet this year.

Fav costume: A gypsy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!

Thanks so much for your generosity in these blog candy giveaways! WOW!

My favorite candy is Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups...though there are many others that I like! :)

We didn't really do Halloween as a kid, but I do remember making a "homemade" cheerleader outfit in the later years. :)

Crystal (SCS happy2stamp4ever)

Primitive Seasons said...

I think I have to go with Snickers, an old back to childhood love!


mousekemom said...

Twix...and fav costume was my mouseketeer costume, of course!