Thursday, January 31, 2008

New and improved

On Sunday I got two cute black shelves at walmart because they were on sale. I spent ALL of Monday going through all of my craft supplies and cleaning out things and reorganising everything. I had this tall cheap shelf that has been falling apart for months now and was really a danger to the girls if they were to pull on it at all. Well, while I was pulling it out of the corner it was stationed in (after I had removed all of the stuff on it of course!) the bottom part of the shelf completely broke and folded in on itself! I am so glad that I finally got that taken care of. The top part of the shelf was structurally fine so I kept that part and put it back in the corner and reorganised the stuff that goes on it.

Of course the only decent picture that I have of the craft room before is the one that I took after VSN. My craft room NEVER looks like this I swear lol! I usually always put everything away as soon as I finish a project. I gave up on that about halfway through VSN though.....

This is what it looks like now. The shelf is a lot sturdier now that I'm only using the top half. This side of the room drives me crazy because nothing matches. I can't wait until I can make it look a little nicer.

I keep all of my ribbons (wound up on clothes pins) and my flowers in these bins. I have tons of colored flowers that I "inherited" from my gramma this summer. Now I just need to start using them.

This is my crafting table with all of the supplies that I use regularly within my reach. DH drilled some large holes in the back to fit some plastic cups that I picked up at the dollar store. I keep all of my pens, scissors, gelly roll pens, glitter and stuff like that in them. In the white bins on the side is where I keep my rulers, adhesives, the two acrylic blocks that I use regularly, stamp cleaner, etc. I also have my sewing machine on this table. This is the first table that DH and I bought for our first apartment. We got it on sale at K-mart and it has been holding up pretty well for the last 6+ years!

Here are my two new shelves. I used one of the shelf boards to make an extra "shelf" above my file cabinet where I keep all of my scraps color coordinated.

On the shelf on the left is where I keep my SU cardstock, albums, magazines, a few scrapbook kits, and binders where I keep my ATC's, some cards, stickers, and inspiration ideas.

Here are my ink pads and embellishments. In the small basket on the left is where I keep a few mini albums that I have made in the last couple of months.On the right in the CD cases is about a third of my stamp collection. The rest of my stamps are in the plastic storage bins on the other side of my craft room.

On these two bottom shelves is where I put out the things that I want to alter and embellishments that I want to use by Valentine's day. I actually have about half of the things altered so far. I really need to work on those mailboxes though!

This plastic bin is filled with all of the alterable things that I have been collecting. I am not buying any more stuff to alter until I make a big dent in this! What the heck was I thinking??

Thanks for taking a tour of my craft room!


Candy H said...

I don't feel so bad any more. I have bins of alterable stuff that I have been "collecting". Never seem to find the time.....

The Crafty Chik said...

Oohh Jessica! LOL! I love your room! I get close to being organized like you and get distracted so it never comes out like that! LOL! I wouldn't be able to keep it clean for long though so maybe it's okay! LOL! I have two huge boxes of alterables too! LOL! Includinga salsa jar! LOL! Good luck with yours!