Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbyes, Hellos and PJ Crop Project

It is the first of March, which means that it is time for us to say goodbye to our Jr. Trendsetters that are leaving us, and hello to the new ladies that will try to fill their shoes. Leaving us this month are the SUPER talented, Jenny Peterson, Lynn Put, Jackie Rockwell, and Melissa Hubert. It has been SUCH a joy working with all of them, and we hate to see them go! Thanks for all that you have done for There She Goes, and we wish you well in the future!! Please, DON'T be strangers!!
We were lucky enough to convince Debby Hughes and Theresa Winslow to stay on for another term!! YAAAAAY!! Also, somehow, someway, we managed to sweet talk the AMAZINGLY talented, and AWESOME Kim Teasdale, to come back!! Kim, it's about time you came home!! Now, without further ado, here are the girls coming to join us for their first time:
Our first new member is none other than the inspiration behind our new Ba Donkey Donk set, Kim O'Connell!! If you don't already know her, you SHOULD!! She has MAD skills, and is one of the funniest, sweetest people!! I can't wait to see what she does during her term, and I bet you can't either!!
Our next new member is Copic Coloring Goddess, Wendy Ramlakhan!! She is MEGA talented, and SUPER excited to be joining us for the next term. From her coloring skills, to her perfect embellishing, I think we are ALL in for a real treat!!
  Next up is none other than our Laurel Seabrook!! From Scrapbook layouts to amazing cards, she is the PERFECT addition to our happy little family! A self-professed "non-colorer", I am curious and excited to see what's to come from her in the future!!
  And last, but CERTAINLY not least, our super loyal, super talented, SUPER sweet fan, Candace Pierce!! Candace has been a regular in our challenges, and has found herself in the Trendsetting Spotlight SEVERAL was only a matter of time before she ended up RIGHT where she should be!! Her enthusiasm and love for There She Goes stamps makes her the PERFECT addition to our team, and I am SURE you will LOVE her, too!!
I would also like to give a shout out to our super fan, and Facebook Promoter, Crafty Math Chick(Merideth)!! She has been taking care of the TSG Facebook page, and doing a BANG UP job with it!! Thanks girl, you rock!!! That's enough excitement for us for, go spread the love to them!!
I had the pleasure of hanging out with three of our newest Trendsetters Kim, Laurel and Wendy a couple of weeks ago when they were here for the PJ Crop. We had so much fun together that I just knew that they would be a great addition to our TSG family Smile
While everyone was at my house I had them each create a journal page about the crop so that I could put them all together in an album. I swear you would have thought that I was asking them to pull their own teeth out by the way they complained lol!!  All of the ladies there finished one and from what I could tell, pretty much everyone enjoyed their final product when they were done. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to work on mine while everyone was here so I’m happy that I finally had a chance to work on it and finish it up.
You will notice that the info on my page is blurred out. That’s because ‘What happens at the crop, stays at the crop!'” lol!!
Jessica PJ Crop copy

I used a combination of different stuff from my stash to create this page but here are some things I wanted to point out-

*The gorgeous crochet flower was made for me by my sweet friend Pickle… uh.. I mean Danielle Lounds. She gave me some well over a year ago and I’ve been hoarding them this entire time.

*I used the brand new stamp set that was just released Ba Donkey Donk as well as the stamp set World’s Best (see the ‘brackets’ around favorite quotes?)

*The buttons, twine and ribbon are from of course

Thanks for stopping by, make sure you visit our newest Trendsetters and welcome them to the TSG Family!!


Laurel said...

So happy to be here! LOVE your gorgeous page!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHH! What an amazing team! SO excited to see what they share!!!!

And I LOVE your pages--so fun! YOU ROCK!

Holly Saveur said...

Con grats to the new team memebers!
Gorgeous page too!

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

I love how your page turned out, it's GORGEOUS!!
And I'm so excited to be part of this team!! xoxo

Chaitali Narla said...

Congrats to the new team! Excited to see what come up with. I'm one of TSG's newest fans especially with the Ba Donkey Donk set