Thursday, May 22, 2008

My birthday goodies!

I didn't do any stamping today because I was working on tomorrow's Dollar Find Friday project but I wanted to share what my friend Debbie sent to me yesterday for my birthday! She hand quilled me some flowers and buggies and they turned out so darn cute! I got beautiful ribbon, sparkly flowers, rhinestones and my favorite- that purse card! On the bottom corners of the picture I have inside shots of the purse card.

Close up of inside of card-

Isn't that amazing??? What a wonderful idea! She did a wonderful job on all of my goodies, what a thoughtful friend. Thank you Debbie!!!

Don't forget to come back for tomorrow's Dollar Find Friday post!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome Jess. I hope you have a wonderful Bday you deserve it!!!!! It looks like a few bling fell off the compact in route to you sorry about that but with your sparkling personality you really don't even need bling...he he. I love ya kiddo take care....Debbie :)