Friday, May 23, 2008

Dollar Find Friday (Monkey mirror)

My project today was inspired by one of my little monkeys, Chloe. She loves everything jungle right now and this week when we went to the library we got a ton of jungle themed books. So Chloe- this one is for you :)

Mirror ($1 at Michael's)
2 jungle wood cut outs ($.50 a piece)
Blue painters tape
Green acrylic paint
Close to cocoa ink pad
Sharpie marker (but I have an SU marker shown)

Step 1- Using blue painters tape, mask the inside of the mirror. This will help protect the mirror from getting paint on it.

Step 2-
Paint the frame with acrylic paint. Let dry. I am a little impatient so I used my heat gun to speed up the process ;)

Step 3- Using your sponge and close to cocoa ink pad, ink up the edges of the frame.

Step 4- Remove painters tape. If there is any paint on the mirror you can gently scrape it off.

Step 5- Glue on your wood cut outs. I used a hot glue gun for this.

Step 6 (optional)- write on the frame using your sharpie marker.

All finished! There is my little monkey Chloe. Doesn't she look like a wild child??? =)


Erika H. said...

WOW! I love the monkey are so creative. I always look forward to you dollar find Friday!

Rachel said...

Thats so cute! What a neat way to use your materials.

Mel M. M. M. said...

Cuter than Cute! Love that saying :0)