Friday, March 7, 2008

Dollar Find Friday!! (Candle Holder)

I had a different tutorial planned for today's Dollar Find Friday, but as I was searching through all of my picture files I discovered that I had accidentally deleted it. Doh! I was not a happy camper...... So I came up with this one instead. Very quick and very simple.

*Candle holder from dollar store decorated with rub ons
* Candle
* Raffia

Step 1- Layer the raffia on the bottom of the candle holder and place candle on top.
That's it lol!!
*WARNING* I would not recommend actually lighting the candle as the raffia is extremely flammable lol! This is just for looks......


Primas Primas Everywhere!!! said...

I absolutely love it.. Great job... I have to find one of those.. I must have 1...

Miss you hun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess this is so elegant who would think it was a $ store find. You have done it again. Hope to see you soon in chat.

Debbie :)

cassidy said...

This is so pretty you have a lot of great stuff on your blog!