Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TSGBDAY3- The Great Outdoors

Are you guys ready for our 3rd day of fabulously fun TSG birthday challenges?? On Monday we were to create a paper doll and yesterday we were to take our new friend out on the town and snap a picture. Today we are going to do some exploring in the great outdoors!

Every well rounded woman should be able to get a little dirty just as well as she can shop and our TSG lady can do just that! Yesterday the girls and I took our new friend shopping and today we went exploring in our backyard where she showed us just how well she can tree climb! Of course she had a safety rope, we didn't want any accidents happening ;)

Now it's your turn! Create a TSG paper doll and join in on our fun photo challenges this week :) Thanks for stopping by!


Corinna said...

Bwahahahahahaha!!! Safety rope!!! Hee hee hee Hey, for the party maybe you're paper doll would like to hang with my paper doll?! Wanna come over for coffee or a margarita?!

Alina said...

love that your doll has such a great spirit of adventure ;)