Friday, May 28, 2010

My best birthday and Blog Candy for you!

I have to start this post by saying that I have the best friends ever. Seriously! It is so amazing how stamping can bring so many people of all walks of life together. I have made so many great friends from all over the country (and world for that matter!) because of this 'hobby' and I am so thankful for each of  you!

As some of you might know, Monday was my birthday and the Trendsetters surprised me with an amazing blog hop full of gorgeous cards and projects and birthday wishes. I was completely taken surprised and so touched that they would do this for me. Well, what you don't know is that they also sent me EACH of those projects via my friend Kelli that lives just a few minutes away from me! I guess these sneaky ladies have been planning this for quite awhile and sent their cards and projects to Kelli in advance so that she could hand deliver them on my birthday. I'm sure you could imagine my shock as we (my family and I) were driving down our street (coming home from a wonderful birthday dinner) and I see Kelli standing on my front porch. As I was letting her in the house I noticed that there was a package in front of the door. I asked her what it was and she told me that it was from her and the Trendsetters. I couldn't believe it! It was a gorgeous anitique looking suitcase that was FULL of packages.

So we hightailed it into the craft room and I started opening all of my presents :) It is so awesome being able to see everyone's cards/projects in real life and I can tell you that they are even more amazing! To see all of the detail up close, you can tell how much time and love they put into creating them.

Holly actually decorated the antique suitcase that everything was given to me in and OMG, it is GORGEOUS! She did such a wonderful job on the entire thing! She made custom tags to decorate each side of the suitcase and they are so beautiful. But the really special thing about these tags is that she created each one to represent one of the Trendsetters (and Kelli too!) and the places they are from. Some were hand stamped, some printed from the computer, each absolutely beautiful. I can't even tell you how much I love this suitcase!

And as if that weren't enough, yesterday I received another package from my friend Melissa that was PACKED full of ribbon! Talk about box full of happiness lol!
Blog Candy-
Since I am so blessed to have such amazing friends, I want to pass on the giving to you! I am going to be sharing my beautiful ribbon with one lucky winner :) All you need to do to enter for the blog candy is to leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite birthday present of all time was! I will be announcing the winner on Monday.

So THANK YOU to all of my friends that helped to make this birthday such a memorable one for me! I will never forget the love you put into this and will always cherish my beautiful birthday presents :)


corinna said...

This is soooo wonderful of your friends to do for you!! I too feel blessed for all of the friendships I've made through this fabulous hobby.

My best birthday present was when I was a newly-licensed teenager and my father took me to the local dealership to drop off our car to be fixed. I was walking the showroom floor looking at all the new cars, dreaming about the day I could ever, ever own such a thing as we were a lower-middle class family that never owned a new car.

My father walked over and asked my opinion of the sleek black sports car. I, of course, tell him how "awesome" it is and that I'm gonna work really hard so I can have such a nice car some day.

He handed me the keys and said, "You've worked very hard and we are very proud of you. It's yours." WHAT A DAY!!

I loved that car and still, to this day, can feel the joy of putting that car in gear. WOW!!

Happy Birthday Jessica and thanks for so many beautiful stamp designs. Every month feels like my own personal birthday with your stamp releases! :-D

Anita said...

I am so glad that you got so spoiled. You deserve it. What a wonderful surprise. My best birthday was when my husband and daughter made me chocolate strawberries. They had so much fun being sneaky.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

So happy you had such a lovely birthday! And what great friends! My birthday is July 3, so it's always hot and we usually have a cookout. A super special day was my 50th, we had just moved into a much smaller home, and a bunch of friends & family gathered for that special day in our home that I'd only been living in for less than 2 weeks! And my stepdad brought a "shoe chest" that he'd built in Florida and drove it up for me!

Shelena said...

My favorite birthday present of all time is a necklace that I got from my parents when I turned 18. It is heart-shaped with and amethyst stone and diamond accents. It has the word LOVE cut into the heart.

I still to this day wear it all the time and think of my parents.

Irit Shalom said...


Tammy James said...

That suitcase sure does look amazing! and what a great birthday surprise! My best present was a trip away for the weekend which included a wonderful chairlift ride above the tree tops.

Katie Skiff said...

Awe!! This is so sweet!! You are a lucky gal! Well deserving too!!

I would have to say that I haven't been able to top the birthday that my hubby proposed, although I get spoiled every year!!

Heather J. said...

Wow - how special! Having moved around a lot, I truly understand what it means to have great friends.

My best birthday present was the surprise my husband did for my 40th. He thought he was going to be deployed - but he was able to change things around to surprise me on my 40th and took me out of town for the night. It was wonderful!

Happy Birthday to you!

Mercy said...

we love you, jessica...and we are so glad you enjoyed your little "surprise"! {{{hugs}}}

Holly aka Toy said...

I can't tell you how fun it was for US to put that together for you. I have always had trouble receiving gifts, but I LOVE giving them!!

Since my birthday is so close to (and sometimes on) Thanksgiving, I have never really had much of a celebration. I usually get the candle in the middle of the Tgiving pie thing. However, my #4 son was born just a few days before my 32nd birthday and that was a gift that just keeps on giving!! :)

Bless you, little girl!

Janet said...

Wow--you are one lucky girl! Happy Birthday!
My favorite birthday present--I never worry about the present.I'm just happy to have my three boys with me, celebrating that day.

BJ said...

This was soooooooooo sweet of the girls!!!! And I just love the suitcase. I know you asked us to leave our favorite birthday. But I don't have one. I just want to wish you A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

The Princess said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. I love receiving emails from you -- even though it's for everyone.
My favorit birthday present of all time is my amethyst ring from my husband who was my fiance at the time. He is so sweet and so giving. A keeper, indeed.

Sheila D said...

It's so fun to be spoiled on your birthday. One of my bestest b'day gifts was my last one where my hubby bought me a Pandora bracelet and the rest of my family all picked out their own beads to give me. Easch bead has a special meaning to me. It's awesome.

Cathy said...

Wow Jessica, that suitcase really looks awesome. That was so thoughtful of your friends.
My Birthday's are always having a wonderful dinner with my husband. I have to say Christmas Time is more special to me than my birthday. With a summer birthday, the weather is always hot, humid and not much you can do outside for a birthday party.

bernietom47 said...

Wow that was specia. You wont forget this birthday soon.
The BEST gift I ever received was a hand full of "flowers" and a "card" from my three year old son. Actually it was a handful of weeds and a lot of scribbles on a piece of paper but it touch my heart so deeply 40 years later I still have the "card".

Sheila said...

What a great birthday gift. How very thoughtful of your friends to take the time to do that for you!

My favourite birthday---I like them all especially when my family surprises me and try to be secretive about it!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a present the girls did! Such a great idea! My best birthday.....hmm, maybe my 40th? My hubby planned a surprise party and I had NO idea! He had organized it with some help of my friends and it was great! I even had girlfriends fly in for it! It was awesome...other than turning 40!!

kat said...

You're certainly blessed to receive such a happy present! My best birthday present was when I was in the sixth grade and had just lost a bunch of weight. All the fad was what was called a 'straight skirt' and I so wanted one....and I did receive it from my Mom. I'll remember that skirt forever!

hybridcrush said...

My very Best Birthday Gift was when my Hubs drove all the way from Wyoming to our homestate of Texas Without telling me. He was working out of state&told me he had to work overtime.
His Mom was in on it also(she lives with us). I even had a cake&all the decorations. Awesome day 4 me!
God Bless U!!

Amy said...

Wow....what a wonderful gifT!!!

I think one of the best gifts was from a friend who made me a mini scrapbook of our time as floor nurses when I moved away!! I LOVE that thing!

The McCullough Family said...

He was 5 days late, but my son was by far the best bday present I have ever gotten. :)

Crafty Math Chick said...

How sweet of all the trendsetters Jessica! Awwww! I am so glad you got spoiled for your birthday, you TOTALLY deserve it!!

My best birthday present was this little elephant charm (I love elephants!!) that had ears that wiggled around. It was my first piece of grown up jewelry and it meant a lot to me because it was given to me by both of my parents when they were still together.

I don't know how you can part with all that gorgeous ribbon, but thank you for the chance to win!!


Crafty Math Chick said...

Okay, it looks like my post did not go through so I am trying again. LOL My favorite birthday gift was an elephant pendant that both of my parents gave me when they were still together. Its ears wiggled and I loved it so much, it was my frist grown up piece of jewelry.

I am SO GLAD you were spoiled for your birthday Jessica - you SO deserve it! Thanks for a chance to win some of that delicous ribbon too!


Julie said...

How special! What a wonderful treasure you received!
My best birthday present was when I turned 16 and is 2 parts. My boyfriend threw me surprise party and I was truly surprised. The 2nd part was that I had a HUGE "thing" for hats and his best buddy was in JR. ROTC and I always admired naval uniforms. His buddy got me a naval admiral hat. Here is is almost 25 years later and I still remember that, it definitely made a big impression on me.

Lori A. said...

Happy Birthday! How sweet and fun!
My favorite birthday present of all-time was the one my husband gave me this year...a rose bush! I have talked about getting a rose bush our entire marriage and I finally got one. :)

Jessie/knightrone said...

I am so happy you liked it!! You are worth it, baby!! Happy Birthday AGAIN!!