Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Card for my coffee buddy :)

Don't be shocked- but yes, I am posting two days in a row and NO it isn't a release week ;) I made this card about a week ago with the intentions of pairing the new Daily Grind set up with the Let's Get Together stamp set. Don't they look great together? One of the fun things about TSG stamps is that you will be pleasantly surprised at how many sets will work so well together :)

I had Matt drop this card and a light box that he had made off at my friend Kelli's house. He made me a new one a few months ago and I wanted Kelli to have the other one so that she finally has some good light to show off her great cards! Next, I need to go hang out at her house so that I can school her on how to use photo editing software ;) This girl makes some awesome cards that deserve to be shown in all of their glory!

Kelli and I live in the same town and met through SCS shortly after I started TSG. We would meet up at Starbucks every few weeks and spend an hour (or more lol!) just chatting about any and everything. I have been telling her about this idea I had for a Cafe set for SUCH a long time (she actually contributed the "congratulatte" sentiment!) and I knew I had to send it, along with a card I made with it, to her house. It's about time that I finally finished this set, right Kelli? lol!



Michele L. said...

What a great card!
I like how you incorporated the 2 stamps!

Crystal said...

What a great card, LOVIN these images!

Pam Varnell said...

Gorgeous Jessica. Love the way you stamped the coffee house in the background. Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ho, I love this one!

Jessie/knightrone said...

It is fabulous!! Lucky girl!!