Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I've learned something important about myself since I've been designing stamp sets, the dates of holidays completely sneak up on me lol! Since I am always a couple of months ahead in designing stamp sets for different holidays, as soon as I'm done I feel like that holiday is over. Like right now, Easter is over in my mind because we just released our Easter stamp set and now I'm on to different things.

So when I found out yesterday that *today* was St. Patrick's day I was shocked! Wasn't that, like, weeks ago??? Apparently not :P. At least I remembered just in time to make sure Kylie wore green to school today :)

Needless to say, I don't have a St. Patrick's Day card to show you today but I do have a card that is green so that totally counts right? I made these two cards as part of a set. You may recognise these cards because they are the same card (but with different colors) that I made last week for the TSG yellow spring flowers challenge. I made each of my leaving Trendsetters a card to thank them for all of their hard work during their Trendsetter term. I used a different color for each person and used a color that reminded me of them :)


Only 3 more days until the TSG announcement of fun is made!!


Crystal said...

WOW these are wonderful, LOVE LOVE the stamping here and colors...AMAZING cards!

Makiko Jones said...

Beautiful cards and colors, Jessica!
I totally love the blue one that is in my hand right now ;) Thank you, my sweet friend!

kat said...

Don't let Easter sneak up on you; it's only 2 weeks away.....didn't it used to be mid-April? It sure snuck up on me this year!

Gretchen said...

Thank you so much for the card Jessica! I love mine! It sits on my shelf in my craft room that has my special celebrity cards on it!! I had a wonderful time as a Trendsetter and can't wait to see what the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is!!!