Thursday, July 24, 2008


My back went out again and I am one hurtin gal! So no stampin for me today. I'm going to try to sit and relax (as much as these crazy kids will let me that is) and hope that it will be a little better tomorrow.

Please come back tomorrow for the Dollar Find Friday post. I have a fun little project as well as a give away that you won't want to miss :)


Jackie said...

I really, really hope your back feels better soon. Backaches are no joke! Well, have one of the crazy kids bring you a treat with something to drink :) Cookies with milk always help me. I'll come back tomorrow.

Dawn said...

I hope that you are up and at it again soon!

scrappinmominky said...

Hope you feel better soon. Back pain is such a Pain! LOL

Have a good, relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica....Hope your feeling better soon. When your back hurts you hurt all over.Relax and have a good weekend.
Marie H.

kat said...

Ooooo! I know how you feel cuz I have acquired a bad back as I age; no fun! Take it easy and hope you're back to your creative self soon.

Melzie said...

Ouch!! Feel better soon! I always seem to pull my back when I can't afford to be down, yuck.

Take care of you!!!