Friday, July 18, 2008

Dollar Find Friday (poly shrink)

Today's tutorial is technically a dollar find but is so much fun!

Poly shrink (about $5 for 8 sheets)
Heat gun
Powder pal (opt.)
Paper piercer (opt.)
Stamp of your choice
Sand paper
Black stazon

Step 1- Using your sandpaper, sand the poly shrink diagonally one way and then the other. You want to sand of all the "shine" so that your ink will fold on to the plastic better.
Step 2- Stamp your image onto the poly shrink
Step 3 (opt.)- Color image if desired

Step 4- Cut out image

Step 5- place your image in powder pal (I like to do this so I don't melt anything with my heat gun) and hold down with paper piercer (or some other tool)

Step 6- Start heating your poly shrink. Your image will start to curl. Don't worry this is supposed to happen! Once it is finished shrinking it will straighten out.

Step 7- While your poly shrink is still warm, flatten your image before it cools. When it is completely cool it will be completely hard.

All done! Now you can use your new embellishment on any project. This is a great little addition to use with the full sized image also!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!


Michelle said...

I love doing this! So much fun...though the curling does freak you out the first time ;) What cute embellishments for a card!!


Cathy I. said...

Very cool...I always pop mine in the oven...I was always afraid I would melt the plastic tray...great stamp too! ;-)

Jen said...

Well isn't that smart! I never would have thought to use my heat gun! I always pop it in the oven...your way is a little "greener".... a little faster....Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You made a dollar find...very beautiful.

Tessa said...

I have been meaning to try this! Might have to this way then I don't have to use oven in the summer with no AC

Tracy said...

I love making these! Great tutorial! I never thought to use my heat gun!

CathyRose said...

That is so cool! I have never thought to use my heat gun. I'm gonna try that. The card is just darling!

Kristine said...

OH WOW, Jessica...this turned out fantabulous!! :) Love those cute elements on the card--it's BEEEAUTIFUL!

Justme said...

This is very pretty and a cool idea, I have used my heat gun but I would like to ask how did you flatten the image, with the tool? Maybe I'm trying to flatten things that are too big, I used the back of a wood mounted rubber stamp and it stuck to the index, ouch!

Angel said...

hey girl! this is awesome! now i need to go find some polyshrink! congrats, my fellow dt member!! how awesome that we get to work together!!!!

mousekemom said...

I love using shrinky dinks (70's name). You can also bake them at 350 degrees, but you have to sit by the oven and watch them...I use a toaster oven and it takes just 10 seconds. You can also use clear plastic boxes from the salad bar, but they are harder to work with. Love the idea!


Littlekel90 said...

Wow, these look terrific! Thanks for showing us. I haven't done these since I was a kid (then only once at a friends house). LOL

I think I would probably freak if mine curled too. Thanks for letting us know it will come back. LMBO. :) Kel

Anonymous said...

Jessica - LOVE the tutorial! thank you so much - got referred here thru SCS! Question though - what are you using to color your image with?? I have Stampin' Up markers, and ink pads...any suggestions??

thanks a million - I'm off to find my shrink supplies!