Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kylie and Chloe's bedroom

Thank you guys so much for all of the great feedback about Kayla's bedroom! I am so happy that you liked it and hopefully you will like what I have to share with you guys today to :)

For the older girls, I went in a completely different direction when decorating their bedrooms. I wanted to give them a beautiful bedroom that made them feel like big girls! I absolutely love the way that it turned out and if they aren't on their best behavior, I've told that that it was going to be my room lol!

I actually made a lot of the design elements which I will detail throughout the post.


*I purchased 4 different sets of wall decals on for the wall art (including that awesome fake shelf above Kylie's headboard!)
*This is a bunk bed set that we have had since the girls were itty bitty. We stripped off the finish and painted it to match their bedroom.
*The curtain rods were originally in the living room but I took them down and painted them black for the girls' room :)
*Like Kayla's room, there are butterflies flying around randomly
*This picture shows more of the items on this side of the room including a bookcase, laundry basket (which is usually full!) and saucer chair.
*Saucer chair ($15-$20) and zebra pillow were purchased separately at
*The bunk bed originally had a desk insert holding up the side closest to the camera but I didn't like how closed in it made things feel so I had Matt come up with a way to add posts instead. It is awfully nice being married to such a handy guy :) He created notched posts that are bolted into the floor as well as secured the top part of the bunk bed to the wall somehow and that thing doesn't move an inch! Thank goodness because I've already had to go up there quite a few times and I'm happy to report that it is still standing lol!
*We removed all of the trim and doors in the room so that I could paint them black. I added a few butterflies to the mirror that was purchased at walmart ($9)
*I love how it looks like the butterflies are taking flight :)
*I created the girls' name frames by getting the frames and letters at Michaels for $1 a piece. I spray painted them black instead of painting them by hand to save time. I used pretty silver wedding paper that I picked up at the Dollar Tree and used it to 'wrap' the frame insert.
*I stapled ribbon onto the back of the frame to keep it securely in place
*The frames are held onto the walls with screws but the ribbon is held up with these pretty push pins I got from Michaels just for this reason (16 pins for $5)
*The nightstand is one that Matt had before we even got together. It has survived many moves but is still nice and sturdy :) I painted it black and added a wall decal to the side to glam it up a bit.
*This is the girls reading area.
*Cute zebra chair is from and I believe it was $40
*Chandelier also from and also very affordable although I don't remember how much I paid.
*Kylie's favorite author is Dr. Seuss so I had to include that quote!
*Rug is from Walmart, $20
*Even though they are sharing a room, I wanted each of the girls to feel like they had their own space. Which is why they have different comforter sets (but still black and white) and other small details that make each bed area unique.
*Nightstand thing was a cube unit I purchased at Walmart on clearance for $14 each of the drawer inserts were also on clearance for $4 each.
*The touch lamps were originally plain black but I added some of the wall decals to add some visual interest.
*I added two of the small butterflies to Chloe's plain white jewelry box to pretty it up for her
*Chloe LOVES flowers and when I told each of the girls that they could pick something out at Michaels that was $1, she chose that pretty orchid :)
1 9
*The bookshelf was purchased at Walmart for $15 but before I put it together I added white wall decals.
*Yes 'I' put that shelf together :D Matt gave me my very own drill because I'm always complaining about how much I need one. It was one of his older ones but I sooooo <3 it!
*I picked up the film like frames at Michaels a long time ago while there were on sale. I never used them because I didn't have anywhere to put them. Now they have the perfect home! I believe that the large one was $5 and the small ones on top of the bookshelf were $1 each.
*The quote above the bookshelf was purchased at Dollar Tree

 *Full picture of this wall
*I love those flower decals on the black closet door! <3
*Plugged in is a glittery silver lava lamp night light that looks so pretty at night! The glitter continues to swirl and looks like water reflecting off of the wall.
* I have had this frame in my unused collection for a couple of years and it worked perfectly for this picture project that I put together for the girls.  It includes black and white pictures of just the two of them :)
*The quote above the door was a wall decal that was also purchased at Dollar Tree

Whew, so now you know why I am mojo-less and very much sleep deprived lol! While it was very much worth it to see the looks on their faces when they walked into their room for the first time (there were not allowed to go into the room at all until it was completely finished) I'm afraid that it may have drained me of all creativity for awhile lol! I'm hoping that after a good nights rest and a relaxing weekend, I will be back to creating once again!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my girls' rooms! Have a great weekend :)


Crafty Math Chick said...

WOW! This looks AWESOME! Your girls must be over the moon! Thank you for sharing your hard work with us - it looks FAB. Seriously, you could submit these to a decorating magazine Jessica!!


Anita said...

Stunning! You did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

So, did you want to adopt me? LOL. Or you could come to my house and do my room. LOL!

Ter ;)

Judy McMullen said...

Wow! I am very impressed with your creativity! I'm thinking you should try out for HGTV's Design Star. You certainly have impressed me with your DD's rooms. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you freakin kidding me right now, that is amazing! Don't show Joely, she will be ticked off. We just painted her room when we moved in and that's it. But the walls are covered in Jonas Brother and Taylor Swift posters anyway! This room should go in redecor mag girl! Seriously!

Silke Ledlow said...

Totally fabulous new rooms your girls have!!! Tell them I'm jealous...*wink*

I went back on your blog and boy oh boy you are one busy lady!!! My girls wore me out this summer too and I'm so happy they are finally back to school!!! Sorry to hear about little stinkerbell's eye...I bet that was scary!!! Tell her to hang in there...and pls tell her she is still super duper cute!!!

Hang in there GF...there is a light at the end of the tunnel...LOL!!! Hugs ~S~

Tanya said...

What an amazing room, lucky little girls!! And it is so elegant, it will still be fantastic when they are older.

Jessie/knightrone said...

That settles it...when am I moving in?? Holy crap, you are amazing.

Kelli said...

OH WOW!!!! I am TOTALLY coming to have a PJ party in that room!!!!!