Thursday, September 8, 2011

TSGBDAY4- In The Spotlight

All week long we are celebrating TSG's 3rd birthday with a new challenge every day. Each new challenge has a prize of  a $10 gift card so make sure you stop in to the TSG Blog each day for your chance to win!!

It is time for another fun TSG birthday challenge! So far this week we have made paper dolls, snapped a shot of our dolls while out on the town, taken a picture of them in the great outdoors and today the challenge is all about 'In The Spotlight'.

So here's what happened.....

My new TSG friend and I had a great time exploring the great outdoors with my girls the other day but boy were we beat by the end of the day! That evening we did nothing but lounge around and relax our poor tired muscles and even went to bed a bit earlier than usual. In the middle of the night I was woken up by this strange rustling sound. After hearing it continue a few moments, I woke Matt up and told him to go investigate (you know, cause I'm too wimpy to do it myself lol). We have never had mice in our house and I was praying hard that we weren't about to start now! So Matt grabbed his favorite mini flashlight that keeps on his nightstand (I wish I was kidding about this part....) and headed to find where the noise was coming from. After a couple of minutes I heard Matt in the kitchen say 'What in the heck are you doing in here??'
This is what he found-
Apparently our little friend had a case of the munchies after a long afternoon spent climbing trees and decided she needed a snack! I should have warned her to stay away from Matt's chocolate, he gets a little protective over it ;)

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Jacilynn said...

I am new to TSG stamps but am in love with them. What a fun game! Congrats on your 3 yr bday!
Jacilynn in Idaho